Wisdom Tooth Removal

When you hear from your dentist that, you need to extract your wisdom teeth and it doesn’t sound like good news. At Apple Dental Clinic, our experienced dentists perform wisdom tooth removal in a very gentle, comfortable and easiest way for the patient. Dentist suggests wisdom tooth must be removed because in future it definitely causes severe problems.


Why Remove Wisdom Tooth?

Every person grows with their different facial structure, jaw size, and teeth. A fully grown person have 28 teeth, wisdom teeth may or may not erupt depending on person to person. If the size of your jaw is not sufficient and wisdom tooth start erupting, it results in crowding of the teeth also it disturbs the functioning and may cause tooth decay.

Most of the adults already have a full set of teeth and not much room left in the dental arch to allow for 4 more large teeth to erupt. They blocked by the back molars or the jaw during their eruption and come out tilted, twisted interfering with adjacent teeth. The wisdom teeth get impacted causing damage to other healthy structures.

What Are The Problems Associated With Wisdom Tooth

  • Wisdom tooth causes many problems interfering with other structures and their functions.
  • Unable brushing and flossing
  • Get much room to develop bacteria to breed
  • Chances of chronic infection causing tooth decay and gum disease.

Severe infection responsible for the systemic disease such as:

  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory diseases etc

Our Philosophy

At Apple Dental Clinic, our team of experienced, talented, knowledgeable dentists knows how to evaluate erupting wisdom teeth and need to remove them or not. Many patient wonder, why wisdom teeth removed if they don’t hurt or cause pain. The explanation is quite universal, as an unhealthy tooth or gums cause pain or sensitivity that means they already developed severe and irreversible damage. Unfortunately, infection to unhealthy wisdom teeth is unnoticed until the infection spread to a maximum extent.

At the wisdom teeth, if the infection spreads to adjacent teeth and gums if ignored, it causes cavities, periodontal disease. These problems would not exist if the wisdom teeth would remove earlier.

This is why we recommend wisdom teeth removal before they cause damage to the rest of your mouth.